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Ladurée, a house where life is good.


The disability mission

In 2013, La Maison Ladurée created a Handicap mission with several objectives:

  • Raising the awareness of teams on the subject allowing the development of a real internal culture.
  • The hiring of new employees: all our positions are open to people with disabilities.
  • Support for employees with disabilities.
  • The arrangement of workstations and / or working days.
  • Maintaining employees with disabilities in employment during their careers.

Maison Ladurée regularly participates in recruitment forums throughout the year. We only highlight the skills of the future employee when hiring.

The disability mission


Well-being at work

La Maison Ladurée is committed to a process of well-being at work.

Several actions have been carried out since 2015, in particular a week dedicated to well-being at work. Employees had the opportunity to attend conferences on various topics such as:

  • Nutrition
  • Addictions
  • Podiatry
  • Osteopathy
  • First aid

In May 2017, a new Handicap, Health & Well-Being at Work week was offered to employees. New workshops at Maison Ladurée were held during this week:

  • Sign language
  • Training on welcoming disabled customers
  • Sports sessions

Team challenges were offered to employees, in particular a photo competition on the theme of disability & well-being at work. This week was a real moment of exchange and conviviality within Maison Ladurée.

Improving working conditions is an important theme for Maison Ladurée, which will therefore strive, through actions, to ensure that its employees are more fulfilled at work.

Well-being at work


Gender diversity

Maison Ladurée attaches great importance to the diversity of its teams.

With equal skills, La Maison Ladurée undertakes not to discriminate in the choice of the candidate.

Over the years, a real parity has established itself within Maison Ladurée, all departments combined.

Gender diversity


Sports macarons

The association "Les Macarons Sportifs" offers its employees the opportunity to participate in various sporting events during the year, in particular Mud Day, a 10Km race in the Palace of Versailles or a race in the Bois de Boulogne.

Sports macaroons